Why You Should Write Songs In The Morning!


It’s morning and still fairly dark outside because it’s winter here in Berlin. I’m half asleep but I really want to write a new song in the morning.
My coffee pot is always right beside me when writing a new song to keep me awake – He’s my best companion! For me, I’m most creative in the very early morning hours. It also gives me a lot of positive energy for the whole day.
Today I’m gonna tell you why you should write songs in the morning too.

Why Are We Creative In The Morning?

When we wake up in the morning we still have a lot of willpower. I’m able to think very clear and concentrate a lot better. I mean there’s a reason why school begins so early. It’s easier to stay focused. Also our brain is still well rested from (hopefully) a good portion of sleep.  We tend to get a lot more fresh ideas in the morning. (Actually dreaming and creative ideas are linked in some way but I don’t want to make this post too scientific.) It’s likely that a new melody pops up when I’m in the shower. Yeah I’m literally that guy who sings under the shower.

And I know it’s really hard to ignore the snooze button on your phone and get up. In fact I’m still struggling every morning but I think it’s gonna be worth it and fits my morning routine.
Sometimes when I’ve got the time I even try to meditate in the morning because it gives me a very focused thinking.
On weekends I try my hardest to wake up early because there is a whole day that I can spend on creative work even though I simply need to rest sometimes of course.
I also think it’s a great feeling to know that you already worked on a song or blog post or anything creative in the morning. This feeling guides you through your day.

Waking up early and work on a creative task… You should definitely try to make it a habit.

Coffee + Music = <3

What Happens Throughout The Day?

As I said you start your day with a creative task and you get rewarded with a positive feeling throughout your day. And Hey, maybe you even write a killer song in the morning.
In addition to that you woke up your inner writer. Now try to see things more conscious on the way to work. It really helped me to get new ideas because I started to question things in my surrounding. 

I start to see trees and think about cold winter and how the leaves turned all colorful and then vanished. It’s those little things that suddenly fill your mind with creativity and thoughtfulness.
Watching a car with a smashed window and start imagining how this could’ve happened. Or simply be more grateful when there are some lonely sunrays on your way to work.

I think it’s always a good thing to be more conscious of your surroundings. In fact I’m reading a book that is about mindfulness and how it affects your mood and stress level. I would love to link it for you but it’s only in german. Hit me up if you would still like to know about it!

So the goal is to stay motivated, mindful and creative throughout the day. Actually I’m working on that morning routine for quite a while and it does relief a lot of stress. I know that you sometimes fall back into bad habits but we’re all learning to be better so that’s totally fine.

Why I Started To Write Songs In The Morning

Now I’m gonna tell you about my holy grail. A book so incredibly useful and informative. It’s called “Writing Better” Lyrics by Pat Pattison.
Oh gosh I can not even tell you how much it changed my writing skills. Last year I decided to go more serious on songwriting and face one of my biggest fears. Writing lyrics!

I was always sort of scared to write song lyrics because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. It’s a fear of sounding stupid or using plain wrong language.
After admitting that I need some help in the writing departure, I was searching the web for helpful guides and books. That’s how I found out about “Writing Better Lyrics” and it has so many good reviews, it’s incredible!

You will face a lot of very helpful exercises in that book. So it’s not only reading but doing exercises as well and I love that. In the first few chapters the author, Pat Pattison, teaches you about object writing.
Object writing is basically describing something with all of your senses: “sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, organic and kinesthetic.” One of the first exercises asks you to write for 10 and only 10 minutes in the morning about an object of your choice. Do it for 6 weeks and it will improve your writing skills drastically is what he promises and as a matter of fact after 2 weeks I already noticed a huge difference.

That also refers to my last point. You begin to observe your surroundings more detailed. Suddenly you’re describing things on the way to your workplace.
I never thought it would work that well to be honest. 

I’m very excited to finish the last chapters of that book considering this exercise alone was extremely helpful. Maybe I will post a review once I finished it.

If you would like to read it yourself, you can find it right here.

Writing Better Lyrics

This Book Is Amazing

Why Can’t I Write At Night?

By all means I don’t want to force you to write songs in the morning. In fact there are a lot of posts claiming that you’re most creative at night.
I simply like the idea to have an opened mind throughout the day because you have so much more time.

And here is maybe one of the big problems… it’s time.

To be real honest with you, I’m writing this post at night after work even though it’s not that easy to concentrate right now.
I find it much more easy to edit and structure things at night. It somehow calms me down a little bit to arrange stuff and try to make it look pretty. I’m not a pro at producing or even editing my music in a DAW yet but I like to those kind of things at night as well.

Like I said, I prefer to do creative working in the morning so I have that positive mindful thinking and a feeling of accomplishment during the day.



I hope I could inspire some of you guys with today’s post and maybe you even try to write songs in the morning from now on.
Keep your positive attitude and I will talk to you very soon.



Do you write your songs in the morning or at night?

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