Why 5 Minutes Meditation Is Amazing

Today I want to tell you more about 5 Minutes Meditation. Why do I do it? Why does it help me? What do I need to get started? All those questions will be covered in today’s post.

Why Should You Consider Meditation

There are many reasons why you should try meditation. These are the ones that I think are most important and in my case I notice them very frequently.

  • The number one reason why you should try meditation is reducing stress. Every time I meditate it grounds me and reduces stress!
  • Lessens anxiety. I’m not totally anxiety free but it controls anxiety and makes you feel better.
  • It builds self-awareness which I think is really important. Awareness helps me grounding myself in stress situations.
  • All in all meditation is good for your mental health

All these points relate to mental health. Ever since I sit down and read books about meditation and awareness it made my life much easier. I wish somebody would’ve told me earlier and not in my mid twenties. Today I try to make it part of my daily routine.

Mental health is much more important than a lot of people want you to believe.

Why Did I Start 5 Minutes Meditation

Well, I was always that kind of person who gets stressed and scared very easily. Normal daily tasks can already make me over think. In my daytime job I have to spend a lot of time with other people and I tend to take those feelings home.

At the same time I’m really busy nowadays. I’m working 4 days a week in a hair salon and I try to become an online persona and songwriter at night. And right now I’m not able to cut down on any of these. In fact, I honestly want to work even more at night on my blog, YouTube, songwriting in general. I simply don’t have the time to go to the gym or meditate for hours and that’s how I found out about 5 to 10 minutes meditation.

All in all I’m struggling with anxiety and too much stress from time to time and I think many of you can relate. But does meditation really help?

As I mentioned above, meditation helps me to control the negative feelings and keeps me in balance. It helps me being less overwhelmed. So in my case it’s working.
After a long time of feeling bad and sad I finally found something that keeps in balance most of the times. I really want you to try it if you suffer anxiety or depression. As artists, we like to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and the following techniques really helped me fighting against it.

I honesty wish somebody would’ve told me earlier about it.

What Do I Need To Get Started

The question is how do I start 5 minutes meditation and what do I need to get started. I came across most of the exercises in a little book called “Little Book of Mindfulness“. I’ve got it as a birthday present because a very good friend of mine was worried. She noticed how I got stressed a lot and it showed. So she decided to gift me this awesome little guide on a less stressful life. 

I highly advise you to read this book because it really helped me to become more relaxed, open-minded towards my problems and also less stressed. And really, you cannot beat the price, even if you don’t like it. Here you can find the book and maybe you try it out!

The thing I like the most, is that it not only gives you information about how to live a more relaxed life but it’s also packed with exercises that last for 5-10 minutes!

Another very helpful resource is a mobile app called “Simple Habit”.
You can choose a topic that you’re most interested in like:

  •  Feel  Grounded
  • Find Inner-Peace
  • Morning Sessions
  • Boost Productivity 

Then a lovely calming voice is guiding you through that exercise. Mostly it’s about breathing and focusing your mind or relaxing your mind and I like it a lot. I use the basic version which is free but I think about upgrading soon.

The real question is are you a book kind of person or all digital person? Getting your phone out and starting the app might already confront you with appointments, mails from your manager e.g…. ignore them for a second when starting the app to avoid getting stressed. That’s what I love about books. There is no other distraction and you can fully give in.

Mindfulness is the key

Mindfulness is the key

Is 5 Minutes Really Enough Time?

You might heard about monks in the mountains of India who meditate for hours to find perfect inner balance. Don’t worry this is not what this kind of meditation is about. It’s more about grounding yourself and living more positive with short and effective exercises. Most of them are manageable in the morning. They are 5-10 minutes long and help you focus your mind. The perfect way to start your day.

I feel very relaxed after these exercises. It lifts some of the weight that I feel before a stressful day. Sometimes this weight is really unnecessary and that’s what I realize reading the book. 

There are days when 5 minutes is the maximum of time I can invest in the morning because I’m in a hurry. I really try to make it part of my morning routine but from time to time I forget about meditation and I only practice it when I feel worse. It’s scientific proven that meditation reduces long time stress and improves mental health and that is what I really want to achieve, so I’m open-minded towards that. 



I hope you found this post helpful in any way that would mean a lot to me.
Keep your positive attitude and I will talk to you very soon.

Take care you guys!



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