The Last Guitar Strings I Will Ever Buy!


When I first started playing guitar, I used a really cheap electric guitar. The sound wasn’t that great but I quickly realized that replacing the strings improved the sound a lot. Nowadays I only play acoustic guitar to accompany my vocals and sound is even more important. I’ve learned that the strings are an extremely important factor to make your guitar sound great.

After trying a lot of different guitar strings, I finally found THE ones, the Elixir strings.

What Are Guitar Strings?

Guitar Strings are strings(duh) made of different materials, with different alloys. Acoustic guitars are mostly made out of nylon, copper or bronze with phosphor. Electric guitars are mostly made of pure nickel and stainless steel because they work better with that guitars electric pick up.

The strings vibrate when played and thats how the sound is created. Different materials and thickness change the sound of single strings.

Standard guitars use 6 strings in the standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E. There are different tunings but I like to keep the standard one at all times. I also like to keep it simple. That way I can focus on vocals!

What Makes Good Guitar Strings?

A lot of it is personal preference. Everyone prefers a different sound and feel. I’ve had strings that were way too thin for my likings but I will explain that further below.

Like I said, I tried many different guitar strings and a lot of them felt mediocre. They didn’t last long or the sound wasn’t optimal. The thickness of the strings are an important factor when it comes to sound!

Extra Light Strings .010 .014 .023 .030 .039 .047 or 10’s
Custom Light Strings .011 .015 .023 .032 .042 .052 or 11’s
Light Strings .012 .016 .025 .032 .042 .054 or 12’s
Medium Strings .013 .017 .026 .035 .045 .056 or 13’s
Heavy Strings .014 .018 .027 .039 .049 .059 or 14’s
A Rule Of Thumb:

The thinner the strings, the thinner the sound but also the easier to play. The thicker the strings, the fuller the sound but the harder to play.

I personally like light or medium strings because they’re not too hard to play or too loud, they’re in the middle. The body of my acoustic guitar is rather big, so that’s another reason why  I really like medium strings right now.
I haven’t tried heavy strings yet but I think they can be to hard to push down -> decreasing my sound.

As I said, it all comes down to personal preference, wether you like or dislike a certain material and thickness. You have to decide, what kind of sound you like and need.

These informations are only for acoustic guitar strings!

Why I Love The Elixir Strings?

Now why do I love Elixir Strings? There are quite a few reasons!

First, I love that they have a lot of variety of strings. Different alloy materials, and all the above mentioned thicknesses.

Most importantly their strings are coated with different materials. They are calling these Polyweb, Nanoweb and Optiweb. They all have different sounds: “warm, brilliant or crisp”. Not only do they differ the sound but also they protect the actual strings from dirt and corrosion.

Most of the usual strings get really dirty really fast and that decreases the sound quality. These need to be replaced rather soon. I’ve heard you should change your strings every 3 months or after 100 hours of practice. That reminds me to change mine really soon…

Dirty Guitar

Clean your guitars from time to time!

The Elixir strings last a very long time because they’re not getting dirty and that means the sound is better for a longer time. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean your guitar every now and then. Ideally you should wipe your guitar neck after practicing to remove sweat and dirt.
Your strings might not get dirty but your fret board does. I should clean my guitar more often because most of the time I grab my guitar and play a little, then I write down what I did and the guitar is put back into its bag. Take care of your babies!

To cut a long story short:

The Elixir guitar strings are coated with different materials that make them sound a certain way PLUS they keep dirt away which makes them last a longer period of time! I’m so happy that mine don’t get dirty after a while and I love that fact the most.

If you’re interested into these awesome guitar strings, you can find the ones I use right here. (affiliate link to the ones I use right now, check out which ones you would like to use)

Do Guitar Strings Improve My Guitar Playing?

Yes, guitar strings do make a difference.
As I mentioned above, there are several thickness levels of guitar strings from extra light to heavy strings. Lighter strings are much easier to push down. You will need less force to push them and your fingers will hurt less. I highly recommend getting a lighter pair of strings, if you are a beginner.

Your fingers need to get used to your guitar. Your fingers need to develop that hard skin!
After your fingers are used to playing the guitar and they developed that hard skin, you can try some thicker strings.
For a newcomer it’s just too hard to push down thick and heavy strings. I don’t even want to try them because I’d like to keep the guitar play easier.

The benefits of thicker strings are a much fuller sound and loudness. Right now I’m using a pair of medium strings because I like a richer sound but also don’t want to make it too hard for myself. Check out the link above to get the ones I use!

What else might improve your guitar playing?

Well, if you would like to sing and play the guitar, you should definitely take a look at my blog post “How To Sing And Play At The Same Time” There I’m telling you my personal tips, on how to improve on that!

Me any my guitar

Let me give you some tips on how to improve singing and playing guitar at the same time!

Another hard thing are barre chords, right?
Don’t you worry, I got you covered because barre chords might not be as bad as you think!
“4 Tips For Easy Barre Chords” is the place to learn more about barre chords and how to master them!

Those tricky barre chords…

Don’t forget, mastering an instrument takes a lot of time and patience. Please don’t get upset or give up after a few bad days. You will definitely get better!



I hope you enjoyed todays post and I could educate you a little bit about guitar strings!

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



What are your favorite guitar strings? Have you tried the Elixir strings?

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