Songwriting Gadgets Every Songwriter Should Have!


Sometimes, when we are stuck, we desperately need the help of little helpers. Little gadgets that make our lives easier or that create new ways of thinking. I love my little songwriting gadgets because they can help me think outside the box or they make it a breeze to try something new. Also, I’m a sucker for tech. I simply love technology.

This is not a top 5 or even top 10 best gadgets list but rather a collective list of things that I are highly valuable and rather inexpensive, in my opinion. Most of them might not be mandatory but helpful or plain fun!

The Classic Songwriting Gadgets

First up, my daily companions aka pen and paper.
Thats right we start this list really obvious. Try to get yourself a really nice pen and a cool looking notepad because that keeps you motivated. It’s just an awesome feeling of happiness whenever I open up this colorful notepad with that guitar sticker thats glowing in the dark.
You might also consider a pencil and an eraser because I like to change lyrics and chord progressions a lot before I think they fit perfectly. What about you?

What Do I Use Them For?

I most likely have at least 3 notepads and even though I’ve had a plan for every single one of them, I tend to mix them together sooner or later. I’m that kind of person who needs to write things down to have them out of my mind. So I’m not only writing down lyrics or chord progressions but also my schedule or things that I need to work on. I even wrote down all the exercises from the book “Writing Better Lyrics” into my notepads. (If you want to know more about that awesome book check out my last recommendations post)
Sometimes I find really helpful diagrams and other information on the internet and I write them down real quick. Like how to EQ your voice or different kinds of song structures.

I know it looks childish but it’s colorful and you gotta do what feels good! Always!

As you can see I use my notepads for a lot of things. It’s like my own little encyclopedia.

The Good Old Tambourine

I’m not gonna talk about big instruments like guitars or pianos here because I think they are kinda mandatory.
But small beat instruments like tambourines or shakers are much more of a songwriting gadget for me.
I recently bought a foot tambourine and I love it. You can simple attach it to your foot or shoes and the tiny bells will make a nice sound when tapping your foot. Whenever I play a song and I need to quickly listen to a rhythm instrument, I will attach this gadget and give it a try. You can even use it for real songs and for live performances for that distinct bell rhythmic sound!

I prefer the ones for my foot but maybe you like the classic?

I prefer the ones for my foot but maybe you like the classic?

If you want to get the same one I use, check out this link. It’s super affordable and just so much fun to use!

Another Classic – The Capo

Fight me, but  in my opinion this guitar gadget increases my songwriting productivity the most! If you don’t play the guitar, you might want to skip this one!
How many times have I written an idea of a song and after a couple of days I thought: “Hmm that’s kinda too low for my voice. I wonder what it sounds one tone higher.”
I almost always use this tool to try what my song would feel like a few tones higher. It is just so easy peasy lemon squeezy. But beware!! I’ve had SO much trouble with my capo, it wasn’t even funny anymore. I will show you a picture how my couple looks like.

Maybe I used him the wrong way but I can not recommend those kind of capos.

This thing never had the right fit, ever! It was either too tight and the notes lost intonation (the notes became flat or sharp in higher frets) or to loose so that the strings couldn’t vibrate. It really made me mad! That is way I purchased a new one that got really incredible amazon reviews and I’m finally happy with my capo. That is my new capo and it is even cheaper than the old crappy one!! Sometimes more expensive doesn’t mean better!

That's the kind of capo I much rather prefer!

That’s the kind of capo I much rather prefer!

Honey For Your Health

I would like to throw in a little health related helper, honey. Honey works like a charm for your voice because of its softening and moisturizing effects. If you pair it with your favorite tea, your singing will be easier and less stressful for your muscles. After all, we have have to take care of our voice.
In case you want to do your voice really good, check out my blog post “10 Tips To Keep Your Voice Healthy And Make It Sound Better”

Honey also tastes delicious!

Honey also tastes delicious!

Songwriting Tech

Now to the nerdy things that I find equally interesting! I’m not going into detail, what kind of daw or computer you should use because these are no songwriting gadgets and rather big topics on their own.

A Midi Keyboard

Like many before me, I recently bought the Akai MPK mini Mk2 and I can tell you its a blast for the price. I will give you guys an in-depth review at a later time.
This midi keyboard is just perfect to try different sounds wether you use free software like GarageBand or paid ones like Logic Pro X or Ableton.
Just plug the keyboard into your PC/notebook/MacBook etc. and you’re ready to go. Change the midi instrument in your daw in play it on the keyboard. The pressure sensitivity is great and I even try to play the piano and sing along, it’s not perfect but it does work!

My in-depth review is coming soon but the amazon reviews are speaking for themselves and I’m in love as well! Check it out!

Get the white one for some extra style points!! Seriously I’m in love with that design… that thing is a joy!

Apps That Are Made For Songwriters

Well… they’re not specifically made for us but they have a real big impact on my work.
If I’m not starting out a song on my notepad + pencil combination, then I most likely started the song as a Voice Memo!
I push record and grab my guitar and sing and play along. After a few days I go through all my voice memos and decide, if any of them is special enough to make a whole song out of it.

Speaking of apps… get yourself a simple metronome. You can practice your rhythm just by listening to your metronome and clap along in fourth or eighth notes and so on. Especially when you record something, you should use a metronome to keep the tempo up!


Metronome. Stay on tempo!

There is one more app that I use every single time when writing lyrics. It’s called Rhymer’s Block, a text editor that helps you find the perfect rhymes. If you want to find out more about my favorite songwriting apps, I’ve got a whole post about them. 6 Truly Useful Songwriting Apps”

Wireless Speaker or Earphones

I’ve got a pair of really small but powerful enough wireless speakers the JBL GO 2.
Man they are a joy. I use them all the time in the kitchen during cooking sessions. They’ve got a pretty neat battery life and bluetooth, so I can pair them quick and easy with my smartphone. I’m really surprised about the sound quality because that thing is tiny but the sound is amazing. I really don’t know how they did it but when summer is finally here, I will take them everywhere!
Check them out they are really affordable but a joy to use! I’ve got the black one but they are many different colors that all look really cool.

The last piece of tech for today wireless earphones, like the AirPods.
I’ve got to admit that I’ve made the switch to Apple products, when working on my music and blog. I wanted something fresh and new with less distraction. (I knew that my gaming pc has way to many distractions to work on writing posts or creating content in general.)
That’s why I bought an older MacBook Pro 2015 and now I’m using Logic Pro X and I am really happy with it. So the AirPods are just really handy. I’ve just got the freedom to listen to my voice memos or music podcasts while writing new posts or cooking in the kitchen. I can go to the bathroom without putting my earphones down. This kinda freedom is really handy, in my opinion. Of course normal wireless earphones are just as good. In fact I’m really thinking about getting some Bose earphones with noice cancelling… I just love noise cancelling.

Unfortunately my desk doesn't look nearly as clean.

I love tech! Unfortunately my desk doesn’t look nearly as clean.

So here they are, my favorite songwriting gadgets gathered in this list.



I hope you enjoyed todays post and I could inspire you with some of my favorite gadgets!

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



What are your favorite gadgets you use all the time?

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