Enjoy A More Positive Life With 5 Bedtime Routines

Do you ever have the feeling of not being recovered after sleep at all? Don’t you wish to become a more happy person with a positive life over night?

Don’t underestimate the power of sleeping. It sounds easy to cut some hours of sleep, stay up late at night and wake up with dark circles but it’s not healthy.
I personally love to sleep so I informed myself a lot abot the topic I love so much. With these 5 tips you will release some of your stress and have a more healthy night to eventually have a more positive life.




Why Is Sleep SO Important?

Let me give you a little story (again). A few weeks ago I had a really long weekend. I’ve had 4 days off and I felt totally revived. Most of those days I didn’t sleep longer than 8 hours because I wanted to be really productive but I felt well rested.

You have to know that I live with a little cat. He likes it when I’m at home and he gets all the attention but somehow he feels when I have to go back to work. The night before I had to wake up early for work he started a little rampage at night. I couldn’t sleep at all he kept me awake through the night. This situation happened two days in a row and I can tell you the relaxation from the days before was gone

I looked like a mess, I was an emotionally mess and I was not able to concentrate. Just two days of kinda sleepless nights and I felt terrible.

Studies show that sleep is beneficial to physical and emotional well being because it makes the brain work more healthy. People who suffer from sleep defiency tend do be more aggressive and depressive. Personally, I fall asleep in my lunch breaks for a couple seconds because I feel so exhausted.

How much sleep is enough?

If you’re over 18 you should sleep for about 7-8 hours. I can garantuee you that I feel MUCH better after my normal sleep schedule.



Finding The Sweet Spot

Figuring out when to go to bed isn’t always the easiest thing. I tend to forget to check the laundry or dishes and remember them right when I want to go to sleep.
Another example is your favourite Netflix show… We’ve all been there right? Tell me about your favorites! The last episode had the most exciting cliffhanger and you desperately need to know what happens next… Suddenly it’s 3am and the night is gonna be very short

My advice is to turn off the computer a little earlier than usual. You can prepare yourself without any stress and your body gets a signal that it’s time to rest soon. 

I’m guilty of watching more youtube videos in bed but I can contain myself lately.
At least turn on some kind of night mode for your phone or tablet. This mode turns down on cold colors and displays more warm toned colors which are way more gentle for your eyes.

I know it sounds silly but don’t watch too much stuff that excits you or make you think a lot. You will have a sleepless night with lots and lots of thoughts that you can’t turn off.



Reflect About The Day Positively

One thing I tend to forget is that I already have a pretty positive life.
I have a relationship for many years, I have got very good friends and I’m living in my own flat with a little cat.

There are certainly days when you feel down and forget about all of it. Maybe work was very stressful or somebody said something very terrible. I totally feel you, really.
It does help to remember the good things at the end of a day. Maybe write them down every night… Write down 3 things that happened today that were positive. After a while you realize that everything isn’t as bad as it seems. Appreciate the good things and don’t take them for granted. Don’t forget about family and friends and try to live on the bright side for a more positive life.

Pro Tip: Start a positive life journey where you can write all the good things down at night. It takes you only a few minutes a day.



Listen To Relaxing Music

When I feel really stressed I like to do one of two things.

I like to use earplugs. This might not be the most healthy method but sometimes I really need to sleep to recover or prepare for a stressful day and this helps me a lot. Just be careful with earplugs when you’re lying on the side. Most of the times I use this method when my cat is going crazy again.

I listen to relaxing music. Raindrops and thunderstorm…. is there anything more exciting? For some it might be the ocean with waves crushing against the shore. Or a forest and it’s crackling leaves. Meditation music is also one of my favorites.

I believe there are apps that turn down the music after a while, Personally, I just let them play all night on a very low volume.

For an even more relaxing experience: Try to inhale long deep breathes in and keep for a few seconds…. exhale. Do this for a few minutes with relaxing music and you will sleep much better.



Read A Book – Listen To Podcasts

You know, I have to admit I read way too few books. I, for the most part, find it more efficient to browse the web for something I would like to know. The thing is I’m lazy and I try to get out of that position. We can agree that reading more books is my kind of new years resolution. I started this year with more books, audiobooks and podcasts than ever before and it feels great. It has just such a positive impact on your life.

Also it has something so relaxing to dim your light and read an interesting book. For me, I love educational books like “Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison or “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuck.
I wanna learn new things but also try to calm down at night.

Best tip: Make yourself a calming tea… but no black or green tea because they like to keep you awake.



Prepare For Tomorrow



Prepare Yourself For The Next Day

So imagine you have a very imporant speech tomorrow. Maybe you have clients tomorrow and you know it’s gonna be stressful. Or the you manager has to talk with you about something.
All these things apply a lot of stress and we want to reduce that as much as possible.

  • Prepare your clothes for the next day
  • Meditate before sleep
  • Call a good friend or family member and talk about it they will give you strength
  • Try a little distraction
  • Go to bed earlier than usual

Don’t let the stress get you down and do something to balance that kind of stress out.
It’s hard to relax when you’re afraid or even scared… I know it been there a lot of times. Even nowadays I struggle with anxiety from time to times but we have to learn to live with it… together.


Prepare everything you need for the next day in order to have as little stress as possible when you wake up the next morning.



Humanity Runs On Coffee



Extra: One Thing To Do When You Wake Up!

Develop a little habit in the morning. For me it’s writing for about 10 minutes in the morning with my favorite cup of coffee. I advice you to drink your coffee about 30-60 minutes after you woke up so your body doesn’t get to addicted. Sometimes I do a little meditation when I know it’s gonna be a rough day. And other times I try to make myself look really pretty for a boost of self confidence. 

Those little things might affect you more than you think. It’s about your possitive attitude, your positive charisma, your positive life!



I hope I could inspire some of you guys with today’s post and maybe you can make your first step into a more positive life.
Keep your positive attitude and I will talk to you very soon.


Share your positive life secrets!
I’m always interested in your tips!

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