Never Run Out Of Lyrics With Object Writing!

When I started to be more serious about songwriting I instantly knew that writing lyrics will be the hardest part. I did not take long until my first writers block. After a lot of research I found out about object writing and it changed everything!

Now I’m never running out of lyrics because I can use the object writing technique.

How I Learned About Object Writing

As I mentioned, I already knew from the beginning that writing lyrics won’t be easy for me. After a lot of failed attempts to write some “cool” lyrics, I realized that I need some kind of guidance. What I needed was a strategy to write better lyrics.

The first source I always like to check is YouTube. There you can find guides on literally everything. I have found some helpful videos on how to improve my lyrics but it was not in-depth enough for me.

At Christmas my boyfriend got me the perfect present. The solution to my problem. He’s got me a book called “Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison.

writing better lyrics

I can highly recommend this book it’s my number 1!

This book is full of exercises that will increase your songwriting skills dramatically. It takes some time to get through it because I love to read and stop to actually do the exercises. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who wants to improve writing song lyrics or creative writing in general!

In one of the first chapters the author wants me to try out object writing. A strategy to write lyrics that I already heard of from a YouTube video but this time its way more in-depth.

If you want to check out this amazing book, here is the link to get it.(Affiliate)

What Is Object Writing?

You pick an object, anything really, and describe it with all of your senses. Describe what you see, how it feels like when you touch it. The sound it makes on its own or when you let it fall. How does it smell?

All these things create emotions. At first I is smell going to create better lyrics? But sure if you think about it… a newly bought book or the smell on a summer day right before it starts to rain. You can really paint a scenery with your organic senses.

The trick is that there is only one copy of yourself. You have your own stories to tell and no-one else can own that moment. That’s why we both could write about the same object but we could have way different outcomes. That makes us and our lyrics very special at the end.

Object writing also heavily relies on emotions. How does that particular object and its surrounding make you feel? Is there a special time and place where this object meant something special to you? Maybe you are writing about an old chair that you and your mom used to take a nap years ago.

At its core it’s a fairly simple strategy. I actually never thought about describing something so detailed and let my emotions and creativity play with it. There are endless opportunities to write about now.

There is only one copy of yourself and you are worth it. Never forget please.

Object Writing Exercise

At first it felt kinda weird to describe an object by itself. I didn’t really know what to do and I even questioned myself if the way I’m describing and writing about this object is the right way.

Let’s not forget that writing is a skill that needs to be trained. For some it’s easier to understand and apply and for others it takes a little more time.

Luckily I will share the one exercise from the book that improved my writing drastically.

The Exercise

  • Get yourself a notebook for your object writing exercises
  • Every morning pick one object you want to write about – I do this with my favorite cup of coffee
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes
  • Stop immediately after the time runs out
  • Repeat for at least 4 weeks

I did that for about 6 weeks and it improved my writing by a lot. The timer helps to check how much you can write and if you get to your creative ideas faster after a couple of weeks. It’s also a motivation for me in the morning because it just takes 10 minutes and then I will stop. It’s not a huge time investment in the morning.

coffee morning songwriting

I need my coffee in the morning to start the day efficient.

A lot of times I just checked what’s around me to pick an object to start writing. Table, carpet, tv remote …

Another fantastic benefit and one of the most important reasons, why you should be doing this exercise in the morning is because you wake up your inner writer. You should really notice how your whole brain is way more attentive to your surroundings after writing in the morning.

Since then I’m observing my way to work very creatively. It helps my creativity in general because I don’t take things for granted anymore. There is this creative voice inside that is describing trees and benches in a different way and I really enjoy that.

inner writer

Wake up your inner writer!

How Can Object Writing Help Creating Lyrics?

Now how exactly is object writing creating endless possibilities for lyrics?

Improvement Of Lyrics

For me it opened up a new layer of creativity. I mostly write songs about situations that happened to me. It’s always a good thing to describe a situation as precise as possible. I want my audience to understand and really feel what I have to say.

Like I mentioned early, it’s like painting a scenery. Suddenly you are not singing about a random bench in a park, no you can describe it more to make the listener know, why it is so important to you.

In my opinion, the songs I love the most are the that feel like the artist wrote the song about my life. I can fully understand what is happening and a similar situation might’ve happened to me as well. A real connection is built.

Of course there is still a lot of space for improvement because as far as I know I’m not a famous songwriter…YET!

Endless Possibilities

There are times when I really don’t know what to write about. I then try to find a situation or a moment that I would like to share.

Next I pretty much do the same thing. Where was I? When was it? What did I feel like? Why did I feel this way. What happened before and who else is involved? It can go in different ways. Sad situations but also beautiful and happy situations.

Object writing helps me answering all these question and helps describing the scene detailed. That is why I won’t run out of ideas for songs. There is always a story that can be told your own unique way.

It’s important not to be judgmental

The ideas you are writing down with object writing are not necessarily your final lyrics and that’s okay. These are ideas that can be further progressed. Maybe they have to be rewritten because they don’t find the music production later on.

The important thing is to write everything down first and get a feeling for your feelings. That way you are never going to run out of ideas because your stories are worth being told. Do it in your unique way.

We should all try to be less judgmental with our work.



I hope you enjoyed todays post and I could inspire you to try object writing yourself!

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



Did you know about object writing? How do you write your lyrics?

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