How To Write Your First Verse

Are you ready to write your first song? Or do you want to improve your songwriting in general? Don’t be afraid to write your first verse today!
Maybe you are like me and starting a song is the hardest thing for you. But do you write the chords first? Lyrics or melody?

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Today I want to make your life a little easier with a guide on how to write your first verse!



What is your song going to be about? We have to figure that out before we write our first verse. 

For this very first step I usually take my little notepad and either write a mind map or bullet points about the general idea.


My mind maps never look that clean but I will work on them!


I find it more easy to write about sad things or love. My advice is to start really easy so you have a positive feeling of success. You can go more complicated any time but for now lets stick with the simple stuff. In fact most of the popular songs are really simple in their structure.

Brainstorming is always a nice idea even if you don’t want to write a song right now. If you have an idea, write it down or record it so you can later on decide to write a song or not. This is something that I started pretty late with but it’s amazing. 


What I like to do is thinking about a special situation I want to write about. Then I close my eyes and imagine the situation as if I’m there again but this time watching my surrounding.

  • What do I hear? Are there cars around? Is it a silent road?
  • What do I see? Is it dark outside ? Is it summer?
  • How do I feel in this particular moment? Have I been in an argument and I feel bad? Am I in love and why?
  • Do I even taste something? Sweet taste of love or bitter taste of fear?
  • Is there something to touch? Cold water running through my fingers? 

Ask yourself all these things and write them down. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet. We are just collecting ideas and thoughts. Personally, I love this part a lot because it gives you so much to think about. I love to remember things that were special to me and it helps me to process the bad things. Sometimes I realize much later how I really felt in that situation or how somebody else felt.

The first verse is the best part to describe the situation. Try to describe that moment as precise as possible. After you’ve collected all those ideas take a little break. Read through all of them again and take a look if there are special words or phrases that you like a lot. Now it’s time to create lyrics out of those ideas.


Try to describe the situation/the mood very detailed.




Verse Structure

As I said you can be really detailed in your first verse. It’s really common that verses have rather a lot of text compared to the chorus.

I like to describe other aspects in the second verse or the point of view of a different character. The story has to go somewhere, you know?

Another important aspect is a rhyme scheme. Do you want to have rhymes at all? If yes, decide on a scheme like AABB or ABAB. I already told you about the perfect app to find rhymes especially if you’re not native english speaking, like I am. If you want to find out more about this app, then read through my article about songwriting apps. Check out my post about my 6 most useful songwriting apps!

You don’t always need rhymes but the song will sound smoother in my opinion. 

Another advice is to have the first Verse 16 bars long. That’s enough time to describe the situation. You can shorten it in the second verse if you like to.


Always ask your friendly cat ghostwriter for advice!


Try to make your first song really easy and use patterns like verse chorus verse chorus chorus.


The Melody

Either you already have a melody in mind from the beginning or we have to start creating one right now. For me, it’s extremely helpful to play some chords right now. Depending on the mood I try to figure out a fitting chord progression. Then I start to sing the lyrics to my chords. That’s why I told you it’s such a good thing to learn playing and singing at the same time. You can now freely play and try different melodies until you find something fitting. If you cannot play an instrument and sing, you might wanna try adding the chords to Garageband and hit the loop. You are still able to try different melodies and even record a little of your singing. If you need more advice on how to sing and play at the same time check out my post about it!

Don’t write a good melody and forget to record it. I did it so many times and I was mad. Those ideas won’t wait for you, you have to capture them! 

A rule of thumb is to have a rather monotonous melody with lots of words in the verse and a more complicated melody with fewer words in the chorus. The chorus should also have higher notes compared to the verse. In the verse we want to describe as good as possible before we pour our hearts out in the chorus. This pattern is used in a lot of Pop songs but feel free to loosen up once you got the hang of it.




I hope you found this post helpful in any way that would mean a lot to me.
Keep your positive attitude and I will talk to you very soon.



Now I wanna see your first verses.
I really want to know about your music too!

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