How To Transpose Songs The Easy Way?


Have you ever tried to cover a song and it’s not quite in your range? Yes? Great, that means I’m not the only one who needs to transpose songs. In fact, I have to transpose almost every single song that I want to sing and to be quite honest, it’s not even that hard. Today I want to share my tips on how to transpose songs the easy way. It works every single time and doesn’t take a lot of it either.

Without any further ado here are my best tips and tricks to transpose songs.

What Does Transpose Do?

Transposing means to change the key of a song to one that it was not originally written in.
Personally, I use transposing every single time when singing. I need to find the best place for my voice that is not to high or low.

Most of the times you transpose in half steps. When singing songs originally performed by women, I tend to transpose +2 half notes and then work my way from there.

12 half notes make one octave and then it repeats itself only higher.

Digital Ways

Ultimate Guitar

Honestly this is my preferred method for cover songs. You can find almost any song on their website. 
Most of my favorite songs are simply not in my key and I need to transpose them. Ultimate Guitar makes it really simple because there is one button at the bottom of the page that allows you to transpose +1 or -1.

Another super helpful feature on the site is the auto scroll button. It slowly scrolls the site down, so you can sing and play the guitar or piano etc. without the need of scrolling yourself. Now you can fully concentrate on singing and playing.

Ultimate Guitar

Editing skills top notch!

Go try it out yourself it is super easy and quick and a lot of fun to quickly find a song and try to cover it.


Maybe you are trying to write a song in GarageBand and you realized that it’s to high or low and you need to transpose it.

Lucky you, this feature is also very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.

You simple mark the region that you want to transpose and click on the region tab. At the bottom you will find the transpose option. If you cannot find it, try to expand the window, that worked for me.

Afterwards you can decide, how much you would like to transpose with the slider.

GarageBand Transpose

I’m sorry my GarageBand is in German but I hope you get it.

Some Electric Pianos have a built-in button to transpose all the keys. Unfortunately I’m not a piano pro so I cannot tell you how to do it exactly or which piano has this option and which doesn’t. But maybe your electric piano has a button like that and you always wondered what it’s doing?

Analogue Ways


This little thing is put onto your guitar neck to hold your frets.

Guitar Capo

There are pros and cons for using a capo


  • You physically put the capo onto your preferred fret and that’s it done!
  • The way you play the guitar is the same, the actual chords haven’t changed!
  • If you already know a song well, you can play it in different keys easily.


  • You can only transpose to higher key using a capo.
  • Sometimes my capo pulls the strings too strong and then my guitar doesn’t sound in tune. Does anyone know how to fix that issue?
  • The higher you go, the less space you have for your fingers.

All in all these are minor issues in my opinion. I love using a capo for my guitar.


If you want to do it the old school way because you want to rewrite the chords yourself, there is another method I learned recently.

You can draw yourself a table to transpose manually.

Imagine your chord progression is like this:

G – C – D

Now you’re realizing you need it to be 1 full note higher. I drew you this beautiful table to showcase how to do it.

Transpose table

My super professional looking table!

Soon I will think of ways to show my thoughts a little more professional but I hope you still understand the idea.



I hope you enjoyed todays post and you learned something new.

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



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