How To Steam Your Voice The Right Way?


You should consider to steam your voice because it has so many benefits. It relaxes and moisturizes your throat and also helps curing a cold. A professional steamer isn’t necessary, if you want to try out steaming your voice. This method is also god send for people with blocked noses or generally dry throats.

Just keep breathing

One of the most important aspects of singing…

What Are The Benefits Of Steaming Your Voice?

I already told you many times that it’s extremely important to drink lots of water and I will say it again. It’s not only important for your voice and throat but also your skin, hair, nails… basically your whole body.

But when we drink water it doesn’t really get to the vocal folds because we don’t breathe the water in… duh.

When steaming, we can moisturize our throat and vocal muscles much better and efficiently. That’s because the steam is going to moisturize the throat directly.

Inhale Exile

Appreciate the days without a blocked nose.

I’m gonna try to do it regularly and will give you an update after doing it daily for a whole week.

My problem isn’t only a dry throat though. For me, steaming clears the throat and also the nasal area. My nose tends to get blocked rather soon because my flat isn’t really isolated from wind. So at night there it’s pretty breezy in my bedroom. I wake up the next morning with a sore throat and a blocked nose.

Steaming works against that problem and clears my throat and loosens the sticky slime in my nose.

Also inhaling helps you fighting a cold and I do it all the time when I feel really sick.

How To Steam Your Voice?

I was steaming my face every now and then even before I tried to become a professional singer songwriter. It was basically part of my skin care routine!

Here is how I did it:

  • Prepare a bowl of hot but NOT boiling water (or wait til it’s not boiling anymore)
  • Bend forward above the bowl
  • Take a towel and put it over your head so the steam doesn’t vanish that quickly
  • Relax for 15-20 minutes
  • Profit

Please be careful not to burn yourself !

Boiling hot water

Wait a minute to let the water cool down just a little bit!

I recently ordered a steaming device and now I’m waiting impatiently for the arrival… Because in my opinion it’s not practical to bend over a bowl and do nothing for 20 minutes. With an inhaler, you can at least do something else because you only need one hand to hold it!

It’s going to be much easier to make it part of a daily routine, if it’s easier to do.

More advice to not hurt yourself or your voice:

  • Take a little rest before you start singing. Your vocal cords need some time to cool down after a steaming session!
  • Don’t speak while steaming and especially don’t sing!
  • Try to avoid oils that might be too aggressive for your little muscles(e.g. menthol)
  • And once again be careful and don’t burn yourself! I’m a clumsy person and I know what I’m talking about

Pro tip: Inhale over a bowl of hot water and do your skin care routine afterwards for a better effect! Your pores will be opened and you can clean your face much better and skin care products will get deeper into your skin… but that’s another topic.

Do I Need A Steam Inhaler?

No, I don’t think so. If you just want to clear your throat or moisturize your vocal folds every now and then you won’t need any device and a bowl and towel will do the trick. Also you get the skin care effect with that method!

But if you think of steaming your voice on a daily basis, a steam inhaler will make it easier and more effective because the steam will go directly into your mouth and nose. Or maybe you want to inhale before a performance, then you need something more portable.

Hot water, a bowl and a towel and you’re good to go!

I used a bowl and towel for a long time and just a little while ago I ordered an inhaler because I want to do it on a regular basis and report to you guys later!



I hope you enjoyed todays post and you learned something new.

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



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