How To Stay Creative
And Motivated As Artist?


Let’s face it, we can not stay creative and motivated all the times. There’s gonna be highs and lows and we have to deal with them. But what if we want to work full-time as artists? We gotta find a way to keep up our working flow and deliver.
Personally, I want to change my life, working as an artist. Wether it’s being a songwriter, composer or artist, it’s a tough road.

So I hope I can give you some advice on how to stay creative and motivated as musician today. Those are my approaches and I would really appreciate, if you comment with your tips on how to keep the creativity up!

Find Activities That Motivate You

Sometimes I really feel burned out. I’m working 4 days a week and spend the rest of the time on writing my blog, learning Logic Pro X and writing songs. Additionally there is my boyfriend and friends that I don’t want to miss out on.

There are days, when I get really overwhelmed by all the things I need and want to do. That’s when I go outside for a walk. We are living in Berlin, really close to a river called “Spree“. There are a lot of old industrial buildings and bridges around. I really love that scenery. It gives me inspiration and also motivation.

I need this to feel grounded again.

The whole are looks like that and I love it!

Another totally different thing is cooking. There is probably nothing I love more on a Sunday evening. When I’ve got enough time, I simply love cooking. It does relax me a lot and the outcome is mostly great…. most of the times.

For you this might be something completely different like going to the gym to free your mind or going for a walk with your dog in a local forest. I would probably visit the beach or sea, if there was any in Berlin.

Do things that give you a good feeling. Surround yourself with positive people who don’t drag you further down.

Get Inspired By Other Artists

This is a big one for me. Lately I’m teaching myself music production with lots of reading, YouTube tutorials and online courses. That’s when I started to listen to my favorite artists even more careful.

I try to recreate effects from songs that I like, e.g. Billie Eilish’s Tremolo vocal effect, for exercise purposes.

When I’m stuck writing songs, I take a look how others did it before. Of course my goal isn’t to copy anyone.

The last couple months I was watching a lot of musical themed movies. A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, Greatest Showman … all these movies are about music, musicians, struggles and inspiration. I highly recommend all of them and I would love to hear your recommendations.

Especially A Star Is Born was right up my All(e)y … wow the puns are real haha. It’s about a songwriter who eventually becomes famous and that inspired me a lot…duh.

On that note… go outside and watch artists live. Even if they’re “small” and not very famous and just playing in a bar. It gives me so much motivation and an open mind towards other kinds of musicians. 

Set A Schedule

Probably one of the hardest parts. In order to make it from a hobby to a job you need a lot of constitution and dedication. For someone who gets frustrated rather easily, if not seen any progress, that’s rather tough. I’m now trying to keep up a 1 hour per day schedule. I want to work at least 1 hour a day for content only.

So for now that’s 1 hour for my blog and hopefully soon YouTube. That is without actually writing songs.

In addition to writing my posts I’m working on my vocals, Logic Pro X skills and lyrics. To be fair though that’s mostly not happening on one day.

That is why I need a schedule….

I try to organize myself to do as much as I can on the weekends and on a working day I will work on my blog for 1 hour + one of the other things above, rotating daily.

If this strategy will fail, I will tell you what else I’m trying.

Try to set up a schedule in order to not get overwhelmed but all the things you need to do!

Say No To Procrastination 

Another hard one. It’s hard to stay creative and motivated, if there are lots of other fun things to do. I had to reduce my video games playing time by a lot because it takes away so much time.

Of course I still meet with family and friends but not every day. To be honest you have to take priorities to achieve your goals. Time is super valuable right now. So much that I get guilty, if I’m at home not working on one of my tasks. I have to learn that I need breaks from time to time and that it’s okay.

So fingers crossed this pays out some day.

You might want to set one day each week in your schedule when you can meet with friends, family or do something completely different.

One thing that I learned the last months after starting this whole blog is that you just gotta start. I can tell you, I thought about writing a blog for years but never did it because I needed preparation and ideas blah blah. The moment you start and get things actually done, you get that feeling of accomplishment and things start to roll.

Remember Your Goals

This is what keeps me going… and the inspiring videos from income school on YouTube. They literally taught me everything I know about writing a blog.

Back to the topic. I really want to earn my money with music and my biggest dream would be working as a composer for movies or video games. I need to keep going to achieve these dreams someday and that’s the engine that runs this blog and hopefully soon YouTube and other platforms.

Ask yourself how much you want it and don’t get encouraged. Especially not by others because it’s your life and you have to make decisions and live with them.

So be a dancer, musician, actor/actress and don’t give up. Stay creative and motivated!





I hope you enjoyed todays post and I could inspire you somehow.

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



Did you learn anything new today? If yes, let me know.

I would be super excited!

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