How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block hits all of us eventually. It’s sunday morning and you finally have some time to write down some of your brilliant ideas. You boot your notebook and open your most favorite writing program. (Mine is actually writing on paper.)
But then it hits you… You don’t know what to write and all your ideas are gone. You feel stupid, dry, exhausted and not creative at all. Why does this always happen when you actually have time to be creative? This situation happens to me every now and then. It’s an art form so there is no clear answer for that question but for me it’s most likely pressure.

But guess what? I have some tips for you to overcome writer’s block and not end up a desperate mess. Some of these tips seem obvious but sometimes someone has to point them out.

Why Do We Have Writer’s Block?

As I already mentioned, in my case writer’s block appears out of pressure. I know that sunday is my free day so I want to create a song, write lyrics, finish a new blog post. There are a lot of things that need to be done. My dream is to be a full time content creator/songwriter and I work really hard to achieve it but sometimes I’m trying too hard. When writer’s block appears I tend to get really upset at first because it’s THE day of the week when I have the most time.

Do you think being upset and mad helps you in this particular situation? Obviously not, duh!
The more you stiffen the harder the writing gets and you certainly will feel more upset.

Close your eyes take a deep breath and take a look what might actually help you.



Techniques To Defeat Writer’s Block

1. Write about something else.

I know this sounds silly but maybe it’s not the right time to write about your initial idea. This might sound a little spiritual but maybe the idea wants you to embrace it on another day and time.
Start to write about something completely different instead. You might loosen up and stop being uptight.

2. Go for a walk.

Maybe your brain needs some fresh air. Get your blood boiling outside and take in some inspiration. I live in this big city called “Berlin” but next to my house there is a river and every time I need some inspiration or calmness I go outside and watch the water. It really distracts me in a positive way and leads my thinking into the right direction.

3. Play with your animal companion.

You might already notice a pattern but my best way of defeating writers block is to get positive distraction. I’m usually so uptight in my thoughts that I really need to loosen up and get relaxed. Playing with my cat helps me to chill out.

4. Coffee is your best friend.

Ever since university coffee proved to revitalize my brain. Since I like to write in the morning, my coffee cup is here with me anyway. For you, it might be tea. Are you team coffee or team tea?

5. Object writing.

I write a lot of lyrics with this technique. Soon, I will make a dedicated post on object writing because I think it’s worth to learn this technique. You basically imagine yourself in a situation and write about all you see, listen, feel… all of your senses. If I’m stuck writing lyrics, I think about senses that I haven’t described yet. This method helps all the time!

6. Write at another place.

This one is simple but so useful. In summer, I like to write on my balcony. Soon I will buy a MacBook to write anywhere I go. I have to admit that my desk in my living room isn’t the most creative place I can imagine and sometimes that hinders me. It’s a negative feeling, a feeling of work or uncomfortableness. That’s when I take my paper notepad and go sit on the couch or in my bed. Somewhere more comfortable like the soft blankets on my bed. Do whatever makes you feel better, always!

7. Shut down your computer and phone.

Those are bad distraction. It’s harder to concentrate when you check your phone every few minutes. When I’m writing on my computer, I TRY to turn off all the other distractions like Discord or Steam. I love my friends but right now I want to work … don’t make me play video games right now please. Even though I would love to haha.

8. Read inspiring books/blogs – watch inspiring videos.

I do those mostly when I’m not trying to write but if I really cannot get into the writing mood, I will right something that will inspire me. Hopefully for you it’s this blog right now. If you’re interested I can make a another post about my most inspirational books or youtuber that encourage me to move on!

9. Take a break.

Lets admit it. Writer’s block sucks and it’s not what we’ve expected on this day. Take a time out and do something nice that makes you feel good and try not to think about writing at all for 30 minutes. It’s okay to have a bad day, that doesn’t mean you will never be able to write again. Don’t make yourself too upset about this situation. Curse a little and come back later to crush whatever you wanted to write!

10. Be prepared.

What I mean by that is to have rough idea what to write about in the first place. I like to write down all of my thoughts throughout the day. All the lyric ideas. Even blog posts that I could write someday. Doesn’t have to be perfect… well sometimes they’re really bad but maybe the day will come when I can make something cool out of them. My goal is to write 1 post a day or every 2 days and sometimes I’m really out of ideas. Then I take out my phone and open the notes app. Here we go all the ideas I thought about the last couple of days. I’m prepared for writers block with almost a dozen ideas.

What NOT To Do

  • Don’t blame yourself until you’re giving up writing. I know it sucks but don’t be to hard on yourself.
  • Don’t watch TV for hours and forget about writing something in the first place. That didn’t help your writing at all.
  • Don’t make excuses and procrastinate until it’s too late. Admit that writer’s block hit you and try to find a solution.
  • Don’t stop doing what you love because of a bad day. You have to believe in yourself and stop taking yourself down!




I hope you found this post helpful in any way that would mean a lot to me.
Keep your positive attitude and I will talk to you very soon.



What are your tips to defeat writer’s block?

I’m really curious because I want to learn more things about it!

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