How Songwriter Deal With Pressure


Being a songwriter comes with unavoidable stress situations that can create a lot of pressure. I’ve read a lot about how to reduce pressure as an artist but still there are situations that I cannot avoid.
Most of the times I create pressure myself. So today, I would like to show you my tips to reduce this self induced pressure and anxiety. Sit back, relax and let’s take a stand against pressure and anxiety!

Artists Need To Take Care Of Themselves

Thats right, it doesn’t matter wether you are a songwriter, singer, guitarist, painter, digital artist, actor, game designer  etc… we all need to take extra care of ourselves!
If our health goes down the hill, we cannot fulfill our dreams anymore!

Take care and don’t let pressure get the best of you!

It’s important to listen to your body and take breaks accordingly. There are moments when I feel really overwhelmed and that’s when I know, I have to get out for a walk.
Distance is a common technique I use to boost my mood and creativity. Taking a step back, think about something else for a minute. Get outside and enjoy the nature to calm down and then try again later.

Most of the times, I tell myself that I need to get things done and create a LOT of pressure. Guess what? That doesn’t improve my workflow at all… Avoid burning ourselves out is something we all need to learn.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

You already have a deadline you need to hit? Then you take another offer? Maybe you promised a friend to meet? Whoops you haven’t done your laundry in a long time? To top all this, you’ve got a day job that sucks the rest of your energy?

Slow down… you probably bitten off more than you can chew or you need to work on your time management!
My time management drastically improved after using the Eisenhower Method! It’s a technique to decide which tasks to work on first and which might not be that important. If you want to boost your time management ability, you should really consider my post about it. “How To Improve Your Time Management – Eisenhower Method”

Communication is key, by the way! Tell your friends and family that you have a stressful deadline thats running out soon. They really should understand and support you. Your friends shouldn’t drag you down. Sometimes it’s unbelievable helpful to surround yourself with positivity and your friends should be part of that.

Find Inspiration

What does truly inspire your? Is it other artists? Nature? Playing video games? Reading a great book?

Think about that for a second. Sometimes you’re inspired for no reasons and sometimes you need to give yourself a little push to activate your creativity!
I already told you that I go out for a walk near the river to get my mind to a positive state.
There is always a pair of earphone accompanying me on my way. I listen to other artists that inspire me.
The artists that make go  “Wow she is brilliant, I want to be just like her!” (Yes, most of my inspirations are women!)
This brings back some of the much needed energy to continue my creative work.

Find out which inspirations boost your creativity!

Stories about people who actually made it inspire me the most! Finding out about the background stories and biography of your favorite artists can skyrocket your productivity.

Get rid of that habit to feel guilty. Doing something nice for yourself in order to boost inspiration and creativity is not a bad thing. Otherwise you will feel burnt out someday.

Let Your Inspiration Flow

I hope you’re feeling a little more inspired now?!

Let me ask you a question!
When was the last time you just jammed around for fun?
If you can’t remember, then it’s been way too long.
Do something for fun again. Let your creativity flow! After all you want to be an artist and not a machine!

I wish I’ve had this shirt!

Set yourself a time when you just want to play along or write some lyrics without any intentions! No pressure, just for yourself. It’s important to have those moments to stop stagnation.
I do this all the time when I feel overwhelmed! I’ve got the most fun, when playing an instrument that I’m not that good with. I transform my midi keyboard to a little piano with the most interesting effects and then trying out melodies and sing over them.
Sometimes I’m lucky and I create something really unique and special out of fun. In fact a lot of my songs started out like this.

If you need more information, you can always check out my Recommendations Page to get more inspiration!

How To Overcome Writing Block?

As a songwriter, writing block is a nightmare! Thankfully, there are some ways to get around it!

Some of the tips above should already help you to overcome writing block!
Taking breaks and care for yourself as well as getting inspired by others help a lot.
For me, doing something completely different for 1/2-1 hour is usually enough to give my brain some rest and boost my creativity again!

You need some more tips?
Fear not I’ve got you covered! I’ve already covered writer’s block in detail in one of my posts right here!

How To Overcome Writer’s Block – 10 Helpful Tips

After reading through those tips, writer’s block shouldn’t be that much of a problem anymore!

Preparation Is Key

In order to get the most efficiency out of my free days, I make myself a list of things I want to do.

  • Decide what to do (songwriting, writing blog posts, recording and mixing)
  • Getting my time management right!
  • Do my research for songwriting or writing blog posts

I like to map out my days to be efficient but as I said creativity can’t be forced. Sometimes the best ideas come out of the blue and you got to be prepared to write these down!
I alternate my songwriting and blog writing days because I spent hours doing each of these things.
Time management really is the key to not get overwhelmed here!



I hope you enjoyed todays post and maybe I could release some of that pressure.

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



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