Can You Learn The Guitar
At Any Age?

Did someone ever call you too old to learn the guitar? Do you have kids and you wonder what’s the best age for them to learn the guitar? Today I want to answer these questions and tell you guys, if you can learn it at any age. In my opinion, it’s never too late to learn something new, especially not learning an instrument!

I hope you’re gonna learn something new and feel encouraged to learn how to play the guitar!

You’re Never Too Old To Learn The Guitar

Right now, we’re living in a time, with infinite opportunities to learn something! The internet made it all real. There is probably nothing you can’t find on google or even YouTube. You can basically type “How too….” and you will find an answer for that. Even for the most specific things.

It gets even better! You don’t even need a computer in order to get to those informations. All you need is a smartphone and you’re good to go.

  • What’s the best guitar under 500$? You will find an answer!
  • How can I change the strings myself. There are 100’s over tutorials with videos and pictures.
  • Finding the notes for your favorite songs? It’s also that easy!

You could basically learn it from home!
When I was younger, I’ve had to go to the local Internet cafe and print the notes I needed! I even went to the library to get myself some song books.

One of the best benefits of being older is discipline!

You want to learn the guitar and nobody is forcing you? Great! Put your mind and energy in there and you will learn it really quick. You’ve probably accomplished much harder things in life, so this is gonna be a cakewalk in comparison!

You might have much better financial conditions, than teenagers!

The greatest thing about making music nowadays is, I can actually invest into it. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need the most pricey gear or the most expensive guitar to get great results! I really love music and I want to invest time and money to get to even better results. You don’t want to start with a cheap garbage setup? Great invest just a little more and learning the guitar gets much more fun! Investing into some gear always boosts my motivation!

Today, I like to invest my extra coins into my music.

Check out my Recommendations Page for some awesome gear!

Playing Music Does Reduce Stress

Even though I put myself under a lot of pressure when creating music, nothing is as relaxing as playing the guitar without pressure. Singing some made up lyrics and let the creativity flow. It might be your way to reduce stress, too. For some it might be yoga and meditation and for others it’s the joy of creating music.

Playing the guitar and singing at the same time can be really hard to master but I’ve got a post filled with hacks to make it easier! Check it out!

So basically you are never too old to learn the guitar! All the skills you gathered in your life by now can only benefit you. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure (I’m the master of these arts) and you will get there!

At What Age Can A Child Learn The Guitar?

Now that we covered that it doesn’t matter how old you are to learn the guitar, when is the right time to start learning it?

A good age to start is usually at around 6 years. At that age it’s much easier for a teacher to actually teach your kids how to play. Another big factor is muscle memory and fine motor skills. Under 6 years it’s a hard task to teach your kid to push the strings with one hand and play with another. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is different but the usual age is 6 years.

By the way the best age, in my opinion, is when you’re most excited and motivated to learn the guitar. It doesn’t matter, if you’re 15 or 30 or 60 years old. The moment you fall in love with your instrument and you’re hyped about it, is gonna be the best. You will learn the fastest and the results come extremely quick.

Avoid Pressure

I can imagine that guitar lessons are expensive and you really would love your kids to get into music but the more you pressure the faster they get upset and stop eventually. I really wished my parents would push my a little harder but not to the point of forcing something. Just be aware please.

How To Keep My Child Motivated?

The best way is to get involved. Ask them how the lessons were and if the enjoyed them. Maybe they want to play something for you and you reward the effort! If they’re hyped, they will tell your everything about it.

Sometimes they need you for a little bit of motivation. Maybe you can motivate them with a little upgrade?

  • Depending on the age you can buy some stickers for the guitar
  • Get a new cool looking Guitar Belt
  • Try colorful guitar strings!
  • Let them pick the next song to learn

One thing that could boost their motivation even further is, when the both of you learn how to play the guitar.
Practice together and make a little contest out of it. Your child can play the guitar and you can sing the song to it!
Get creative and make it fun!

What Is The Right Guitar Size For Your Kid?

First of all, if your kid is really young, below 10 years of age, you should consider buying a classic guitar. The strings are usual made of nylon. They are much easier to push and it doesn’t hurt your fingers that much. They are also really light weight!

Guitar Sizes for Children

6 Or Less Years Old 30 Inches (76 cm) or 1/4 Guitar
6 – 9 Years Old 34 Inches (86 cm) or 1/2 Guitar
9 – 12 Years Old 36 Inches (91 cm) or 3/4 Guitar
Older Than 12 Years Full Size Guitar

When in doubt, check your local music store and get a good consultation! The different sizes will make it easier for younger kids to learn the guitar.

When changing to a guitar with metal strings, be sure to check out my post about my favorite strings to get the best ones!

The Right Practice Makes Perfect

It all started when I was 14 years old. I got the guitar on Christmas Eve and I had to wait for another week before my lessons started. I’ve had guitar lessons for about 6 months. These 6 months were crucial though. On Christmas Eve, I had no clue what to do with that guitar. How to tune it or how to play even one chord. Back then I didn’t have an Internet connection at home. I would still claim that the first weeks of learning an instrument are crucial. My teacher taught me all the basics and after half a year I was good enough to learn many songs by my own.

When I’ve finally got an Internet connection, I became better really quick. So especially if you’re young, get at least a few weeks of lessons. They will give you a solid base to work with.

I hope I could encourage some of you to learn the guitar. No matter the age!


Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



When did you start to learn the guitar?
I want to read your stories!

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