6 Truly Useful Songwriting Apps


Sometimes I can sit down, grab my guitar and start playing and building a new song. Other times some really nice lyrics pop up in my head and I write them into my little sketchbook.
But there are definitely days where I need a little help from my 6 truly useful songwriting apps.
Especially on the go they are really handy when there is no guitar or no sketchbook nearby.

So let me introduce you to my 6 favorite songwriting apps that I mostly use on a daily basis.


Notes And Voice Memo

Those are the obvious apps right?
Well they deserve a mention because I use them every single day.

About one week ago I was on my way to my normal job.(More about that another time) It was early in the morning and I had this really cool idea for some lyrics.
They appeared totally random and suddenly. We all know how fast you can forget lyrics or melodies if you don’t write them down…
So I quickly grabbed my phone and write them into my Notes app.

The best thing about those two apps is that they sync with your other apple devices so I could continue writing on my iPad later that day.
Same thing with the Voice Memo app…
I’m totally shameless in public if I have a nice idea I grab my phone and hum my melody so I won’t forget it. 

It happened way too many times before…

It’s a valuable lesson to document everything you do. Even if you don’t like it at first it’s gonna be worth it to take a look later on and reflect about it.
I once wrote a complete song with lyrics but didn’t record the melody. After lunch all was gone and I was very upset.



I know what a lot of you are thinking right now. “This is a noob tool!” “It doesn’t have any customization!”
It definitely is not the same as a full fleshed DAW but Garageband is a  extremely helpful songwriting app nevertheless.
I used to have a 1 hour trip to work every morning and every evening and I thought of beats and arrangements a lot. Garageband makes it possible to sketch down arrangements very easily and comfortably. It’s much more complex than I thought at first. Garageband has a lot of digital instruments that you can play with.

When I write a new song I use it ALL the time because most of the times I’m not sitting in front of my computer for creativity. It’s much more comfortable to play on the couch and sketch a song down and try different effects or instruments. When you’ve got your basic grid down feel free to be more serious and produce it in your most favorite DAW.

What are your favorite DAWs btw? I really would like to know!

I still to this day try to produce a whole song with Garageband but it’s true that a lot of elemental editing tools are not available. But once again it’s a lot of fun to use it on the go and try things out a little more loose.


Rhymers Block

I’m not a native english speaker so I do have trouble to find the right words sometimes. You don’t want to know how many words I already looked up writing this blog post. 😀
Rhymers Block is so good if I’m out of ideas or simply don’t know any rhymes.
Just write your lyrics in there and the app gives you a lot of ideas for fitting rhymes. It’s godsend for me.

Thankfully the interface is really easy and clean. They also have a social media where you can share your lyrics with others but I didn’t dive into that yet.

All in all I don’t use Rhymers Block everyday but I try it everytime I want to finish lyrics. My knowledge of words is pretty limited and apps like that give me new ideas or remind me of words that I totally forgot.
So I think it’s totally worth it to write your whole lyrics into that app even though you are pretty sure about them. Sometimes you get a new impression and it improves your work even more.


Rhymers Block finds a lot of fitting words for you


Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

I have to admit I cover a lot of music. A few weeks ago I streamed regular on twitch.tv but I’m really inconsistent right now in order to push this blog and songwriting in general.
I will come back twitch I promise 🙁

What I wanted to say is that Ultimate Guitar helped me from the very beginning when I learned playing the guitar…. that must’ve been 2002 I think…*gasp*
Everytime I want to cover a song I look it up either on their website or on the app and they have nearly every song I know! This app is even more fun on a larger device with a bigger screen in order to read all the chords and lyrics. It allows you to save your favorite songs so you don’t have to search for them again later.

It’s especially helpful for streamers because you can save your songs and have access to new cover songs really quick. As I said they have a HUGE library of songs. Ultimate Guitar really is my go to everytime I want to cover a song highly recommended.


Simple Mind

Maybe I’m going a little off topic here because this is not really a songwriting app but mental health is really important and we artists seem to suffer quite often from those issues.
Simple Mind is a meditation app that helps me relax in the morning or when I’m really stressed. I tend to use it a lot when anxiety kicks in more often than usual.  There are a lot of exercises you can choose from and they are mostly about 5 minutes long.

Some topics are:

  • Sleep Meditations
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Morning Mediation
  • Motivation

I don’t use Simple Mind everyday but maybe I should try to do so to be a little more balanced.
Currently writing takes that spot in the morning. Soon I will write a post about why it’s so important to start writing in the morning!


I hope you found a few new helpful songwriting apps and enjoyed this post.
Talk to you soon.



What are your helpful songwriting apps that you use all the time?

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