5 Most Inspirational Female Singers

Today we are celebrating the “International Women’s Day“. Here in Berlin it’s even a Holiday now. I want to take this very special day to present to you my most inspirational female singers of all time. Without these strong women I would not have progressed as an artist as much as I did and I want to give a little something back to them. All of these women shaped my own sound and taste of music. They keep inspiring me every single day and I really hope you check them out.


Marina And The Diamonds


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The first song I’ve ever heard from Marina was “Obsessions” and I completely fell in love. She is one of the most inspirational female singers and I know. The lyrics really speak to me. There are only a few musicians that convey a feeling of …”Is she singing about my life right now??!!” I get this vibe a lot from Marina and I love it. She also sings in a very unique and weird way that keeps my interest. I love to come back and listen to her songs again and again. I was so happy when I discovered her because she already had 3 albums back then.

When I found out she’s coming back in 2019, my heart skipped a beat. I’m fully prepared for her new album “Love+Fear” that comes out on the 26th of april.

After the release of her new album she’s going on tour and I pray she’s coming to Berlin, Germany.


Check out Marina for her incredible familiar lyrics and unique style of singing.



Ariana Grande


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This girl… I have the feeling she is everywhere right now. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of hers I have to admit but now she really grew on me. I haven’t seen the sheer talent she brings. Come on, she’s on the charts with how many songs? On the official singles chart she has got 3 songs in the top 30 and 2 of them in the top 5. This is incredible!

In the last year she delivered two top albums. She’s touring, singing live… a full package.

Have you heard her live voice? She’s extremely talented and technical trained. It’s a real pleasure to listen to singers actually sing live nowadays.

I personally love her songs right now because they get me in a good and positive mood. My go to jam right now is “7 Rings” it’s gonna be stuck in my head FOR EVER!

Later this year she will perform live in Berlin and I just have to be there.


Ariana has a crazy good voice and sings amazing live.


Lady Gaga


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  • British Academy Awards
  • Academy Awards(Oscars)
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • 3 Grammy Awards

These are only the 2019 awards… How on earth can one person be so talented? I follow this woman since the very beginning and I’ve been through all of her stages. She really helped me becoming who I’m today. Her music and positive being helped me when I was younger and didn’t quite know where to belong. But again … HOW can one person be so talented?

From a woman who people laughed at because of weird costumes to an Academy Awards winner. I think there is nothing this Lady can’t do.

For me, she was always special and had her own place in my heart but she still surprises me to this day. She is a true inspirational female goddess. 

What I think is the most inspirational thing about her is that she writes a lot of her songs on her own and a lot of people didn’t believe in her when she was younger. I can relate to this a lot.


There is nothing this Lady can’t do. Everything she does somehow turns into a masterpiece of art.


Lana Del Rey


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Where do I even begin? First, she’s so beautiful. If I was born a woman, I would love to be just like her.

The persona she created is so full of elegance, style and femme fatal. I remember the day I watched the “Born To Die” video. Never have I ever seen something so incredibly beautiful. This video was on repeat for hours. The music, the outfits, the hair, the makeup, the tigers, the setting, her sexy boy everything was just so perfect. 

What then happened blew my mind. ALL of her videos are equally gorgeous. “Ride” even has an intro and outro that brings tears all the time. 

I have seen her 3 times live now and I’ve got to admit that she gets better every single time. She fully commits to the mood she delivers and you get sucked into that fantasy. Her concerts are always magical.  She’s really special to me and from all of these women on the list, I would call Lana my all time queen.

Guess what? Lana is coming with a new album aswell! “Norman Fucking Rockwell”  releases on the 29th of march and it’s gonna be produced by Jack Antonoff. I’m really excited for that one.


Watch the videos to her songs. They deliver the full fantasy and are simply beautiful.




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Oh Lorde, you are the underdog that I adore so much. I think there is no other female artist under appreciated. All the time when I mention Lorde somewhere, most of the people don’t even know her. They might know her hit single “Royals” but that’s it. Please for the sake of the Lord(e), she is no one hit wonder. She is a weird dancer though and I love it.

Together with Jack Antonoff, she created my most favorite album, “Melodrama“. Melodrama released on 16th of June 2017 and I kid you not there hasn’t been ONE day I haven’t listened to at least one of its songs. This album is what I call a true masterpiece. There is not One that isn’t beautiful, inspiring or genius. The production of that album is top-notch, it is pure magic. The lyrics, the instruments and the voice… I cannot find words to describe it.

If there is one thing on the list I want you to listen to, it’s Melodrama. Stop reading and listen to that album. I got so inspired by this album that it made me think about music much more. I really got engaged into music again, bought a new guitar and turned it up. 

And then there was that concert in Berlin. It was a pure dream. “Khalid” was her support who got really famous now, too. So the show started amazing. But then there was this very young woman singing and dancing, pouring her heart out, crying in a short monologue. I couldn’t believe what happened on this stage. She also sang all her songs live, even one a capella song.


If you seek for inspiration, Melodrama has got you covered. This album has it all.



I love writing about my favorite artists and just share the love. If you like this kind of content, I might review new albums or give you some first impressions. Maybe I even do it on YouTube.

Guys and especially the girls have a great “International Women’s Day”! I hope I could encourage some of you to listen to one of those lady’s, they sure deserve it.


Keep your positive attitude and I will talk to you very soon.


Now I wanna listen to your favorite inspirational female singers!
I’m excited to find out about new music all the time!

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