10 Tips To Develop A Positive Mindset As Artist


Do you ever think of quitting because you are upset and scared of failure? No? Then you’re on the right track and I’m really proud of you and your positive mindset. But if the answer is yes, then you’re not alone and a lot of artists struggle on a daily basis, me included.

A positive mindset isn’t something you develop overnight. Some people are born with it and others are struggling because of different reasons. I am working constantly on being more positive in life and in fact this blog was born out of it.

Today I want to share with you some tips to stay positive as artist and my very own experiences. I really wish to encourage at least 1 other person with this post and make their life a little better.

Feel free to share your own stories and tips on how to overcome bad times and how to stay positive!

1. Listen To Your Body

Every time I get too stressed in life my body sends clear signals. My stomach goes crazy and I’m in pain daily. Sometimes my hair falls out or my skin gets really irritated.

If you really want to work as an artist, your should do something good for your body. Read the signs and know when it’s time to step back. You can not create all the beautiful things, if your body isn’t working the way it should. Don’t forget that mental health is equally important!

eat more eat healthy

Don’t starve and eat more + healthy

Some things I try to take care of:

  • Drinking lots of water… at least 2 liters a day
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables instead of fast-food and candy
  • Meditation and workouts to strengthen mind and body (I’m really struggling on the workouts though)
  • Taking breaks and having days off
  • Considering therapy, if depression or anxiety is too strong

2. Don’t Neglect Family And Friends

Sometimes there is a war in my mind and those battles can’t be won on your own. You need to talk to others about your problems or struggles throughout your working process. More often than ever I realize that the problems aren’t as bad as I thought when I tell them a friend who is kind of objectively observing the situation.

They will lift you up and give you important input to continue your work. A social life is important and I wouldn’t advice to lock yourself up for months. Differentiate between social life and procrastination. It will help you not to get burned out after a while.

From time to time I ask friends, if they are interested in topics I could write about.

And here comes the obvious thing. I send them my music and ask for honest feedback. This is so important to me because I need that kind of feedback to know, if I’m on the right track with a song ,or if it’s just cool in my mind and others find it garbage.

It’s all about giving and taking. You cannot expect help and advice after locking yourself up for weeks and not having a social life whatsoever.

3. Think About Your Goals

Every now and then I lose sight of my goals and I kinda feel lost. My longtime goal is to make a living from my art and work full-time doing what I love. Am I there yet? Not at all. Will I ever make it? I have no clue but I’m sitting here every spare minute to create something and move forward.

It’s really not the easiest road I’ve chosen and I could’ve decided this way earlier but here I’m and now I’m giving it my all.

Work hard to achieve your dreams!

Don’t get your dreams crushed by others. A lot of times parents or friends who work in a conventional job are telling us that it’s just a dream and not realistic at all but it’s our decision to make. At the end of the day we have to live with that decision. If you are dedicated enough and really think you can make it, then do it and crush it.

I was listening to the audiobook of Gary Vaynerchuks book “Crushing It!” and it inspired me and two friends of mine to pursue our dreams. I can not emphasize enough how much information and motivation comes from that book. You should really give it a try, if you want to be your own boss and start a business.

You can get the book right here.

4. Work On Your Craft Step By Step

This point goes hand in hand with setting a schedule or a working pipeline.

Right now I’m torn between a lot of things that I want to do and that I want to learn.
Working 4 days a week in a hair salon, writing songs, recording songs, producing songs, writing a blog, learning how to do YouTube, researching for keywords, learning Logic Pro X, learning how to compose video game music…

As you can see it’s a lot of things in my mind right now. Additionally I want to meet friends, family, take care of my pets and I have a boyfriend.

What I, and probably many others, need is a plan. A plan that tells me what to do on which day and how many hours.

As soon as I got a plan for myself that is working I will make a post about that.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Trying to block negativity is something I should’ve done way earlier.

Positive people with positive mindsets are the ones who keep moving you forward. Negative and toxic people will make you fall back. It’s that easy. How many times negative people laughed at me or my ideas of being an artist? Screw them!

Even my ex boyfriend ,who heard me singing once on my birthday party… kinda drunk… with friends for fun, once told me that I’m just too bad to honestly considering making a living out of music. That was a rather short relationship because he clearly would not support at all. Rude…

Surround yourself with positivity!

If you are a musician, try to surround yourself with musicians on an open mic event.
If you are into drawing, then search for events where you can draw with others. In Berlin, there is an event called “Drink and Draw”… That would be my kinda event, if I could draw.

You will learn from others and they will inspire you to move on. I’m having a difficult time with that because I’m making myself busy all the time but getting into a network with others artists is just so important.

The chances of getting a job are higher. The creative input is higher. New projects will come eventually and that happens in the real world.

6. Keep It Simple

Right now I’m learning how to produce music in a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation). In my case that’s Logic. A DAW can be super irritating and the options are pretty much endless. I catch myself adding layers of tracks all the time. So that I lose focus of the basic idea.

In my opinion a solid simple production is wonderful, especially if you start something new. New things are already overwhelming and difficult so let’s keep it simple to have a beautiful feeling of success at the end of it.

Simplicity also makes your art easier to understand for others. My goal is that others listen, understand and hopefully like my music. Making it too complex might break the connection between your work and the person listening/watching.

7. Work On A Positive Mental Mindset

In a world full of pressure and failure, it’s important to keep a cool head.
Mental health is as important as physical health.

Is a situation really as bad as you imagine it? Attentiveness is the keyword here.  I often have to stay back and observe the situation “from the outside” to realize that I make it worse than it actually is. It takes time to develop that kind of positive mindset. 

mental health

Easier said than done … I feel you.

Get yourself a routine to start and end your day in peace and harmony.
I’ve written a whole post on how to enjoy your life with 5 bedtime routines and I try to do them daily. Let’s  be honest is there anything better than having a good sleep at night? If you’re interested here is the post.

In fact I’ve written quite a few posts about meditation and helpful books.

It does make an impact to just inform yourself and deal with the situation. Writing a blog or searching for information for a friend educates yourself. So you might apply these information to your own life.

Having a positive mindset needs practice and it won’t come overnight, so please don’t feel discouraged too soon.

8. Make Your Workspace More Appealing

You can be the most creative person but if your workspace looks like crap, your creativity will suffer. Get yourself some inspiration from Pinterest on your home studio or atelier and try to apply it for your own workspace.

Have you found my Pinterest yet?

Maybe it’s time to clean your desk and throw old useless things away? That’s what I did this week and now everything has its own place. I’m not a pro at DIY or home decor but cleaning the desk and rearranging stuff makes working so much more fun again.

I don’t have that weird feeling of working next to a mess anymore and it feels great.

Pictures of my workspace and setup coming very soon!

All I want to do when I’m coming home now, is get to my desk and start making some music. Soon I will get a new desk and also chair to make working a little more comfortable.

Same principle applies to your whole flat. Rearrange your rooms and throw old things out, if they don’t make you happy. The feeling of relief is priceless.

9. Don’t Get Upset By Others

XYZ has such good tracks. She has many more followers than I do and she isn’t even doing that thing as long as I do.

Or maybe XYZ is so good and I will never ever ever be as good as him… You heard yourself say something like this?

I have to admit, I do it quite often but does it give me anything in return? No it just hinders me. By all means there is always somebody who does something better than you. But there is only one you with your specific ideas and beliefs. They are worth sharing and that is gonna make you unique and successful.

The last couple of months I discovered so many artists on twitch.tv that are freaking awesome. Guess who is doubting and complaining on twitter afterwards? Same people and that is crazy because I think they are phenomenal.

Quick tip on how to be a good person: Spread positivity, tell people if you like their work, share their posts/work and just spread the love. Especially, if it’s for free!!!

And spread the love!

It’s a hard lesson to learn because self-doubt is a thing I encounter at least once a week but I have to deal with it and learn how to avoid it. After all we are humans so it can’t be perfect all the time and that’s fine as well.

10. Finish Projects

This last point is what my boyfriend is preaching to me at least once a week.
We have to finish our projects to show others our work. After that people will hear or see you and your journey will continue.

So much frustration inside my head exists because I stop projects that I think are not good enough. What happens are loads of songs and beats that are unfinished and not ready to show to others.

Finishing something also sets free a feeling of relief and pride. You’ve done something and maybe others will enjoy it and maybe even pay for it.

I know that I’m on a journey and maybe so are you but if the two of us want to continue we have to deliver and stop giving up all the time. I want to continue spreading the love so…

Please send me a piece of your art and I will take the time to listen to it and give you honest feedback!

Maybe we can create a little network of artists who think their work is not good enough and lift them up? Because you are probably awesome without knowing it yourself!



I hope you enjoyed todays post and I could inspire you somehow.

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.



Did you learn anything new today? If yes, let me know.

I would be super excited!

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