iPad Pro Not Enough Power Camera Connection Kit

iPad Pro Camera Connection Kit “Not Enough Power” Illustrated Guide

iPad Pro Camera Connection Kit “Not Enough Power” Illustrated Guide


I recently bought the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit to go all mobile on my music production.
Little did I know that there is a weird “Not Enough Power” issue. In this post I’m gonna tell you how to solve the weird “Not Enough Power” issue on the iPad Pro 10.5 in an even weirder way.
This should also fix the problem for other USB devices you want to plug into your iPad. I had this problem with the iPad Pro 10.5 but let me know if it fixes the problem on another iPad.


iPad Pro with the Camera Connection Kit

Background Story

I’ve been using my iPad for a long time to scetch down ideas or even try small arrangements on Garageband but I wanted to step it up.
Well, I can tell you that I was super excited to try out the adapter. Plugging in my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and use my microphone to record vocals and guitar anywhere. (I have to tell you why I adore the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 in another post.)
I watched a lot of youtube videos to be sure that it really REALLY works and I’ve seen people with the same interface, same iPad Pro and same Camera Connection Kit make it work. Thats the Camera Connection Kit I used. But when it arrived and I plugged it into my iPad Pro the nightmare began…

I plugged in the Camera Connection Kit and also my charger to see if that works and it did!
At first I was super excited because that means I could work and charge the iPad at the same time and don’t need to pause to charge it.

But 5 seconds later the satisfaction turned into a massive disappointment. “Not Enough Power” was the message I got and I was so confused.
Once again I watched others on youtube to see if I had a different device but no. A few of them even got older ones and it worked like a charm.

A lot of people seemed to have this problem on different forums so I tried all the tricks.
Charging it 100%, the obvious “restart the device” and checking for firmware updates.
I even tried to plug it into my iPhone XR to see if a newer phone has enough power but no luck. What a headeache….


The Fix

After I watched several videos and read a lot of forum posts I was about to give up.
My initial thought was “Maybe it worked on an older Firmware or it’s a bug.” and call it a day BUT those things won’t let me sleep at night!
I always have to fiddle around until I’m either 100% sure it’s not going to work or until it works.

I had one more idea because a lot of people recommended a powered USB hub that boosts your devices with more energy. But of course I didn’t have such thing at home because i never heard of it and never needed one.

So I tried something so utterly stupid that I was sure it wasn’t gonna do anything.
I used a simple normal Hama USB hub and plugged it into the Connection Kit and instead of plugging my Audio Interface directly into the Connection Kit I plugged it into the hub. And because of unknown reasons it worked! I now can use my Scarlett 2i2 Interface on my iPad.

By the way if anyone knows why this fixes the issue let me know!

So after all that struggle I’m still asking myself: “Why do I always have those kind of problems with my tech?”
Turns out I’m not the only one so lets try to find the root of this problem.




Not Enough Power Fix

 The USB Hub Fix


Why Does This Issue Exist?

Those things really frustrate me especially when I know that people on the internet did the same thing with the same gear and it worked totally fine.
After reading a lot about this problem I found out what could’ve been the problem in the first place. Maybe one of those caused the problem for you:

  • iOS 11 messed the Camera Connection Kit up – some people reported that it stop working after that upgrade
  • The device you plugin needs to much energy or is not fully charged – seemed to be the case for cameras
  • The device is charging too much power from your iPad – Simply your iPad has not enough power
  • You need a fast charger for your iPad

The only logical Problem could’ve been the iOS because my iPad has the newest one and it’s fairly new so I don’t know how it was before.
All the other problems were not the case for me.

But it worked for some people on youtube with the exact same iOS.

I cannot tell you what exactly caused this problem for me but I encourage you to try out this fairly simple and cheap trick and hopefully it works for you!



Now that my mobile working flow is improved I will write a new post about that very soon. Furthermore I will tell you about my most favourite songwriting apps right here.


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